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Our amazing speaking bat, with all his transformations, is back in business and this time he is really flying front and center! Bat Pat and the Silvers help new creatures with weird and even more unbelievable problems not just in Fogville, but all around the world. Thanks to Engine 13, a Victorian Age steam train driven by the zombie Molly Walker, our heroes can travel via an underground railway to any location in the world!

The bat gang counts 2 new friends: Bat Pat’s cousin, WingNut, an upbeat and optimistic expert of Batga – the bat version of yoga – who’s always trying to teach Bat Pat silly poses like the Down Wing Dog, and Bat Pat’s young niece, Jinx, a fiercely independent and brave teenager who’s often too expressive with her emotions. When she’s happy, she’s very happy. And when she’s unhappy, she’s very unhappy.

Together they are ready to help every creature because, remember: the supernatural inhabitants of Fogville don’t want to hurt anyone. In fact, what they really want is… help with a small touch of Bat Pat’s unique comical chaos!

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FORMAT: 52x11’
GENRE: Comedy / Mistery

Coming 2019

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